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WELCOME TO Batchelor of Arts Theatre

About me


Judd Batchelor/ Actor/Writer/ Director/ Producer/ Acting Coach


Let me clear up my name for those who may be confused, Judd is short for Judith and don’t get me wrong I love my birth name, but when I decided to apply for my Equity Union Card which was a very big deal to actors at the time. I got told “Unfortunately we already have a Judith Batchelor on our records.” WHAT??? I thought I was the only one! So I had to choose another name. I was also called Judd by friends and family, so I thought why not just use Judd Batchelor.


Ok, enough about me and as you can see from all the credits after my name that I love the arts- over 30 years and counting. I’ve shrunk all those titles and I’m simply CEO & Artistic Director. And all that’s left is for me to say to you is WELCOME to the Batchelor of Arts Theatre website (B.A.T)


Our promise to you is our motto we Celebrate, Educate and Promote the Arts. We want you to get to know the talent that’s around the world and especially from many under represented Caribbean Islands and African countries that’s filled with talent.


We have a fresh approach to the arts, by looking at the life and causes of the artists and what they are truly passionate about. Remember the people who bring you joy through Drama, Dance, and Art go through the ups and downs in life but use their creativity to get them through. You will get to read, see or hear their stories. And join us at our many events, workshops and shows.


Educate- how could we forget? Well we haven’t. Our Schools page is just for the wonderful people who dedicate their time to teaching. It’s a subscription based section where we have researched and sourced creative ideas for the classroom and events and discounted offers for the teacher. We will ensure that all members come from official schools and educational organisations before they qualify to join.



So what else is there left to do? Celebrate… that’s all we’ll be doing anyway!



JB x



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