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The Successful Intern- by Vanessa Richte..
After graduating from Loughborough University last summer with an International Business degree, I w..
I feel like Dancing- By Addison George
As a young youth growing up in Antigua I never had the passion for dance, I was the type who will al..
There’s no business like show business..
"There's No Business Like Show Business" is an Irving Berlin song, written for the musical..
The Rehearsals- Dam I don’t know my li..
Well, you got the part- right? Then how did you get into this secret gathering of talent?? Huh? How?..
The Headshot and Me- By Judd Batchelor
Click Click Click “That’s it, you look great” “Move your head slightly for..
So you want to be an Actor? Really? Why?..
By Judd Batchelor So you want to be an Actor? Really? Why? You could say that line above in severa..
Auditions - by Judd Batchelor
  There are tons of blogs, articles and books on the subject from “How to ace your aud..
Creative Arts and the Media-Can't we all..
By Alexandra Spence - Antigua & Jamaica Unlike so many of the actors in Hollywood and even in t..
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