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Reginald Reid- A Soldier’s Story….
Interview by Satra Astaphan-New York Being the older of his twin brother, Reginald Reid was born and raised in Manhatta..
Orlessa Altass – The Actress and the T..
Doing my research on the internet about Orlessa Altass I decided to check out the meaning of her name because it has a n..
Nataylia Roni- Actress & Social Entrepre..
Hi Nataylia, thank you for taking the time to come and talk to us at BAT. We know at the time of this interview you are ..
Michael Moulton- The London Actor
Hi Michael thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to come and chat to us at BAT. How has your day been so..
Leudis Gittens & Nigel Gittens – Love,..
  Love, Art & Business, those are the three words that describe this couple. They manage to run a busy family ..
Heather Doram - The Ultimate Artist of A..
Mention Heather Doram to anyone in Antigua and they will know exactly who she is and what she represents and has given t..
E-tisha Crump Ceaser- Faith & Talent
I met Eu-tisha a few years ago. I went to Antigua to facilitate my first acting workshops with local artists and persons..
The Talented Miss Vega
  It’s a beautiful hot and sunny day in Antigua (oh wait, it’s always beautiful hot and sunny in Antig..
Dorbrene O’Marde – Orator of Arts & ..
Dear reader I am spending the afternoon with the lovely Mr Dorbrene O’Marde, and I think If my late father were al..
Carol Straker- Dance Pioneer of Hackney
International Dance Council CID-UNESCO, FRSA, APTD Hi Carol thank you so much for sitting down with BAT, our friendship..
Shirley Faison- New York's Super Agent!
Shilrey Faison is a New York actors’ agent, with over 30yrs in the entertainment industry. She has the insight and..
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