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So you want to be an Actor? Really? Why?

By Judd Batchelor

So you want to be an Actor? Really? Why?

You could say that line above in several ways, in fact whenever I am running one of my workshops I would probably get the group or the Actor that I am working with to deliver that line in as many different ways that they can think of.


Exercise: Say the line as if you were a parent who has just spent thousands on your child’s tuition fees at college and you really hoped they would follow in your footsteps in becoming a Doctor, Lawyer, Politician, Solider or any other worthy profession – ACTION!


Exercise: Say the line as if you are really suspicious of this person’s real intentions…they know you have friends in high places but this is the first time that they have ever expressed the desire to do this? Have they been using you all along? ACTION!


Exercise: Say the line to yourself in the mirror and try to convince that person looking back at you that you really mean it, and that you will pursue this dream until your last days on earth. ACTION!


Well how did you do? Are you convinced? The truth is you will come across many scenarios like these from family, friends, enemies (or the enemy within) just about anyone you come into contact with and announce “I’m going to be an actor”

Well I’m here to say just go for it. Its an exciting journey and you will meet so many talented people along the way- acting is not a lonely profession like mountain climbing or deep sea diving albeit it will feel like that many many times over. Acting is adventurous, fun, thrilling, and stupid (yes I said stupid) because when you start doing workshops with crazy coaches who want you to act like your feet are stuck in glue and you are trying to climb out whilst your eyes are spinning around, you will feel stupid- so just get ready for it, because in the end it will all makes sense.


The ability to ‘make believe’ is vital to a performance especially on screen. Imagine if you had to star in an action movie where half of the scenes are filmed in a hot (because of those dam lights) studio with a large green/blue screen and you are leaping about screaming in pain from being bitten by a massive sludge eating creature and you just had lunch?? You will definitely need to use your imagination and get the “I’m feeling really stupid right now, and I can still taste the garlic from lunch!!” out of your head and just get on with the job and do what you have always dreamt of doing which is to act.


Short n Sweet and to the point- right? You get what I’m saying? Please say you do because I don’t plan on making this particular blog run forever? If you wanna act just get out there and do it!


Bye. J

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