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There’s no business like show business- By Judd Batchelor

"There's No Business Like Show Business" is an Irving Berlin song, written for the musical Annie Get Your Gun and orchestrated by Ted Royal. The song, a slightly tongue-in-cheek salute to the glamour and excitement of a life in show business


It’s so true, there is glamour your name in lights, dazzling costumes, adoring fans and excitement the standing ovations, getting that dream role, meeting other famous names in this wonderful business called show, and that is why I have dedicated this whole website to it. I just love it- Tad darrr!!!


When you enter into this industry please know that this is a serious business with serious money to be made and there are sharp business men and women who control what you read, see, and listen too. And it’s all about the money- for some. But for me and you the loyal artist all we want is to SHINE and be BIG STARS in our chosen profession. I only became clued up about the actual business when I found there was a lack of work and I just wasn’t landing the parts at auditions. This became the blessing in disguise. I became the business side of the show and created my own production company called Etienese Productions named after my late mother. I started to write, direct, produce my own shows. One of my written plays called A Mother Speaks even became published and I’m now listed as author at the British Library in England. Not bad huh?? 


Once you start taking the business seriously it will start to take you seriously.


How to start? Look at where you are right now in your career, if you are a dancer have you learnt about all the major dance companies around the world and researched how they started? Maybe start your own solo dance project or even a dance troupe? Here are just a few dance companies and schools around the globe: Shiva’s School of Dance (Antigua & Barbuda) Alvin Ailey (New York) Carol Straker Dance Foundation (London) and Coba (Toronto, Canada). They all started with the dream to just move their bodies- literally! This can be applied to acting, singing, music, comedy, and art. Don’t just learn what it takes to be in front of the camera learn the behind scenes and the hard work that goes into pulling a production together and the money that’s involved in making a show happen. I’m sorry to tell you that its not all about you its about not letting down the director in rehearsals because they have just paid to book the rehearsal space for eight hours and you turn up two hours late. Or losing your script on the bus, don’t you know ink and paper don’t come cheap? Or never giving your best when you are on stage, what about that couple who just spent $65 on a ticket to see a poor performance, I don’t think they’ll be back?? Everyone is beholden to someone in this game.


Here’s how it works- kinda.


ACTORS/ARTISTS want to be stars (its true!) so they pay a PHOTOGRAPHER to take some fantastic pictures of them aka headshots. You love the pictures so much you pass on the photographer’s name to friends there by creating more business for the photographer. You check out all the online resources to find yourself an AGENT/MANAGER and send them your photos, they love the look of you in the picture and decides to take you on their books (meaning they will represent you for work). Your Agent/Manager work hard everyday and land you an audition for a film/play they call up the CASTING DIRECTOR and manage to get you an audition. The casting director likes you a lot and wants the PRODUCER/DIRECTOR to meet you, they fall in love with you. The job is yours. No its not that easy, but sometimes it is! This may seem like a huge world but it’s really small, six degrees of separation. Actors/Artist may become writers, assistant directors may become directors, Agents may try their hands at acting (I personally know a few). So at some point everyone would have either worked with someone before, or you both know mutual people. When you go to auditions and you sit and meet other artists the conversation usually is about what you last did? Or do you know so and so? And 9 times out of 10 you find you have something in common.


Folks this is a small slice of what makes show business like know business I know.


PS, check out the song on YouTube its cheesy and catchy at the same time.


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