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Michael Moulton- The London Actor

Hi Michael thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to come and chat to us at BAT. How has your day been so far?


Busy, from doing school runs to prepping for auditions, it can be pretty full on but I’m not complaining LOL!


I have to start with something funny, I know our readers are looking at your striking features and I am sure you get cast for the 'tough guy' or 'the bad guy' role, but I recently saw on your Instagram that you were at home posing in pictures of what looked like Batman and Captain America Onesies? (Onesies are all- in- one pyjamas; in case you didn't know!)  Don't you wish that casting directors could see that fun side to you?


It’s all part of who I am, I'm a big softie at heart, love having fun and being so much more than what my image displays, the typical rough and tough persona. That's why I use such social mediums as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to show more sides of my character.


You recently starred in the stage production of “Yarico” a love story set in 17th century Barbados, during slavery, what part did you play? And did you get to use your powerful singing voice?


I played a character called Bartholomew, a slave that worked on the sugar plantations and yes I had a solo song entitled "Tell Me My Name".


The producers of the show were Jody Kidd (British Supermodel) and her father John Kidd, both are friends of the Royal Family and once lived in Barbados, how was your experience working with them? And did they get the story of the Caribbean right?


Working with Jodie and John was an amazing experience, this was a story/project that has taken 10 years to bring to life, so it’s a piece that is very close to their heart. The story was more about the characters Yarico and Inkle than about the Caribbean itself, but the elements that referred to Caribbean’s in that time were spot on. 


Talking of history, you toured with the highly acclaimed children's show Horrible Histories which gives a fun twist in telling the history of Britain. How was that experience? Did it make you think about how we can translate our Caribbean and African history to our younger people?


It was a great experience, to travel the country and go to places I haven't been to before was wonderful. The format that Horrible Histories uses would be a great tool to use and educate others about our Caribbean and African heritage, I mean they use it to talk about the Romans and Egyptians, so why not about our culture, plus we have such a rich history with so many untold or forgotten stories.


We recently spoke and you told me that you had written your first play, so congratulations to you! Do you think that more actors should learn to write and produce their own work if they don't feel they are getting a fair chance? Or should they just be patient and keep waiting for opportunity to knock?


 I would definitely say create your own work! There isn't a lot of work going around for people of colour and we shouldn't wait for someone else to give us work, that was the basis for me to write my own play. I believe actors need to have more control over their careers instead of hoping and wishing and for that big break, you get more respect in the industry when you write, so that's what I decided to do.


You also explained that you have a major ‘West End’ theatre interested in your project, do you wish that you had gotten into writing sooner or as my mother used to say "nothing happens before its time" do you agree?


Yes, I had nothing to give or say early in my career, whereas now I'm more experience as an actor and more importantly as a person and my views on life are more informed now than they would have been back then. You cannot be who you are not, I wasn't a writer then and with experience and time, I have grown and matured into one.


To our younger performers or persons wanting to get into the business give us a quick at-a-glance of what you do to advance your career.


Firstly, go and see what shows are out there, see what genre and what type of actor you see yourself becoming. Also, read different theatre practitioners books, try and get as many tools in your toolbox as possible. 


It’s been great talking to you and please keep BAT posted on your future work. But for those who can’t wait to learn more about check out


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