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Reginald Reid- A Soldier’s Story….

Interview by Satra Astaphan-New York

Being the older of his twin brother, Reginald Reid was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. At the age of 18yrs, Reginald registered with the Selective Service and was later drafted into the Army where he gave his six-year commitment. "Being a kid never out of the country, travelling to different countries for war allowed me to see other cultures and grow a deeper appreciation for that of my own. It forced me to mature quickly, stated Reid. "Losing close friends in combat or drugs made me value life more."

 Before commencing his acting career where he played a few background roles in The Avengers, Madam Secretary and The Good Wife, Reginald Reid was a contract furniture specialist at Indoff Inc. and has been a branch partner for over 40 years. At indoff they make custome furniture out of glass, wood or plastic specifically designed for particular spaces or homes.

During an interview with Mr. Reginald Reid he expressed that he had been offered the  opportunity to become an actor on multiple occasions:

"Early on in my furniture career I did business with all the movie studios like Palmer, MGM, 20th Century, Kodak Etc. During that time I met a lot of agents and entertainment lawyers and was offered the opportunity several times to enter the entertainment business. However I was too shy and making a lot of money to take up their offer at the time."


Reid was very selective in his choice of words. According to him, the client that got him into the acting business had called him in to design an office. While they met up to discuss business, they joked around and his client suggested he should be an actor and referred him to register with Central Casting. So far he has not regretted his decision in doing background work as it provided him a different view on the entertainment field. Reid indicated that there are many jobs in the entertainment business that adds a lot of significance to making an film for example, camera person, banner holder, passerby, make up artist and so forth.

 "In my days, Theatrics was not part of the regular school curriculum unless one attended a special school for the arts," exclaimed Reid. "Even until present we are not as exposed to potential acting careers." However, if I had to choose a Lead Role I would play "The wise man with a sense of humor" in my own series. One of my favorite actors of all times is Morgan Freeman because he is diversified. Morgan Freeman has done drama, comedy, documentaries, audio and a variety of other things."

There is so much more to be said about Mr. Reid, but towards the end of the interview his advice to new comers stuck with me.

"Keep your mouth shut and ears open. Take affordable acting classes and speak to people with experience. Find a photographer that you can work with. Doing background work is a good way to start and earn extra money however it is a 24/7 job. So be serious about what you are doing. Always aim high even in times of disappointment. Lastly don't be in a rush to get an agent. An Agent will not higher you unless you have credentials. It is all about him making money from you making money. If you don't make money, he will not keep you."

 We here at BAT look forward to what he has in store for us in the future.

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